Short Stories

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Gorillaz Wrote Us a Bunch of Scary Stories for Halloween

"In Japan, we have weasel monsters with claws so sharp that you don't even know you've been cut until you realise bits are in the wrong place."
Short Stories

We Gave Limmy Some Scenarios and He Improvised Short Stories on the Spot

Ed Sheeran gets decked, a man is jailed over a Greggs fiasco and a couple confront some awkward truths about their sex life.
Daniel Dylan Wray
the vice reader

'Virgin and Other Stories' Is a Brilliant Book About Sex and God in the South

We caught up with debut author April Ayers Lawson to talk about her beautifully disturbing new collection of stories.
David Gordon
The Road to Nowhere Issue

'Beneath the National Palace of Culture': Fiction by Garth Greenwell

One of the hardest stories to write is a love story. It's difficult to render chemistry in writing, and it's particularly difficult to capture one-way obsessions, or unrequited love. This story does.
Garth Greenwell
The We Missed You Issue

Helen Oyeyemi's Major Keys

Broadly speaks with prolific author Helen Oyeyemi about her new short story collection, What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours. Despite publishing her seventh book, Oyeyemi insists she's "still very much learning on the job."
Lauren Oyler
the vice reader

Read a Story from Mona Awad's '13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl'

"The von Furstenberg and I" is a story about a woman's relationship with a tiny, expensive dress from Mona Awad's debut story collection.
Mona Awad

John McManus Wrote the Best Short Story About a Thomas Jefferson Clone You’ll Read This Year

We spoke to the author of "Fox Tooth Heart" about his long break from publication and why shame is the most powerful and revealing emotion.
Michael Hafford
The Crown and Spectre Issue

'Advice for the Haunted': Fiction by Rachel Swearingen

In this new story from Rachel Swearingen, a young couple buys a Lincoln Park flat and lives among the deceased former owner's belongings... and spirit.
Rachel Swearingen

Joy Williams Captures the Absurdity of America in Her Stories

The dark, funny-sad stories in her new collection ;The Visiting Privilege' are both a warning and an offering to a country in distress.
Shane Jones
the vice reader

Read These Four Very Short Stories by Osama Alomar

The Syrian-American writer has a sly, economical yet incisive way of upending conventions and exposing hypocrisy and injustice.
Osama Alomar
the vice reader

Read a Story from Lucia Berlin's 'A Manual for Cleaning Women'

A story from the new collection by the great but not widely appreciated writer.
Lucia Berlin
the vice reader

Read This Story by Clarice Lispector: 'Report on the Thing'

A new translation of the legendary Brazilian writer's meditation on the nature of time, the universe, Sweden, Pelé, and one electronic alarm clock that is so many things.
Clarice Lispector