short story



Short fiction from the April issue of VICE Magazine.


'When the Sky Fell Down', By Gabriel Krauze

A story from the author of estate noir.


Dark Sci-fi Lies Behind The Cartoon Exterior of This Interactive Film

Director Evan Boehm's browser-based adaptation of Jeff Noon's 'Solace' contrasts playful interactivity with a sinister tale of addiction, soda, and the misuse of genetic technology.


Stop What You're Doing and Read the Comic Advocating for Chelsea Manning

‘Suppressed Images’ documents DNA portraiture of Manning by artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg.


'Your Character'

Forty different ways writers torture their characters.


'Meta,' a Short Story by Charles Bock

A woman whose wife is dying in the hospital meditates on the meaning of life.


A Terrible Confession About Brussels Sprouts

Welcome back to Stranger Than Flicktion, our Flickr-inspired fiction column. In today’s festive tale, we meet a narrator with an unforgivable Christmas secret.



The narrator recounts six brushes with rape in college. In short troubling episodes, he describes things he heard and victims he met—both accuser and accused.


This Martini Drinker Has Some Secrets to Share

Welcome back to Stranger Than Flicktion, our Flickr-inspired fiction column. Today we meet a martini drinker with a few things to get off her chest.


'Knives': New Fiction by Paul Maliszewski

His girlfriend had said they needed to talk. It was just like you hear about: the quote-unquote talk.


The Origins of an Impostor: JT LeRoy's First Story

Read the first story written by the pseudonymous author who scandalized the literary establishment.


The Situations

Read this new short story from one of America's most prolific writers about a family who finds three kittens on the side of the road.