For £750, These 'Sitters' Will Save You from a Bad Acid Trip

Yes, being a professional trip sitter is actually a job.
Cole Kazdin

Psychedelics Are Going Mainstream, Because the Mainstream Needs Them

Some experts predict practices like MDMA therapy will be legal in as little as three years.
Katie Bain

Why Men Who Take Psychedelics Are Less Likely to Be Violent Partners

Researchers found men who tripped were half as likely to hurt a significant other, and "emotional regulation" may play a role.
Sarah Berman
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The Man Who Treated His OCD with Magic Mushrooms

On this episode, we talk to Adam Strauss, creator of the off-broadway show 'The Mushroom Cure', about his experience treating his mental health with psychedelics.
VICE Staff

Zen and the Art of Extreme Metal Production

Dave Otero has worked with everyone from Primitive Man and Khemmis to Cephalic Carnage, so we went to Denver to find out what makes him tick.
Ben Hutcherson
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People Who Take Psychedelics Are Less Likely to Commit Violent Crimes, Study Says

Research indicates "lifetime" use of drugs like magic mushrooms or LSD actually lessen the chances a person will commit a crime like theft or assault.
Louise Matsakis

Going Deep with Psychedelic Therapy

I spent a day tripping on shrooms in a sunny London garden in an attempt to solve my deep-seated psychological problems.
Charlie Gilmour
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Why Certain Drugs Make Specific Genres Sound So Good

We investigate what happens in our brains to make MDMA and house, speed and punk or hip-hop and lean go so well together.
Daisy Jones

This Is the Best Way to Cook Mushrooms, According to Science

Grilled, fried, microwaved, or boiled? Researchers from the Mushroom Technological Research Center in Spain claim to have found the most nutritionally beneficial way to cook fungi.
Daisy Meager

This Startup Wants to Put Medicinal Mushrooms in Your Coffee

Finnish startup Four Stigmatic says its new beverage delivers all of the benefits of coffee without the caffeine crash or stomach acid burn.
Daisy Meager
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Shrooms Could Make Cancer Patients Less Terrified of Death

Psilocybin can help cancer patients cope with depression and anxiety, according to two new US studies. But will President Trump fund research in what could be a revolutionary development in psychiatry?
Maia Szalavitz

Meet the Man Dedicating His Life to Uncovering Rare Mushrooms

VICE talked to Alan Rockefeller, a mushroom expert who took Hamilton on a trip to find both psychedelic and dangerous mushrooms on ‘Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.'
Sarah Bellman