Shut Up

Holy Shit

Hello, Shane Richie Has Written a Sex Song for Your Parents

It's bloody good as well.
Emma Garland

No One Cares What You Listened to as a Teen

10 Albums I Love From My Dfgsdgkjef
Ezra Marcus
Holy Shit

Going Into Battle with Stormzy is Like Taking a Gun into a Nuclear War

That's the message the MC puts across on his latest track "Scary", which is a looming and chilling missive produced by Sir Spyro.
Ryan Bassil

Everyone Is Stupid: Why Young and Old Rap Fans Need to Get Over Hip-Hop's Generation Gap

Each and every one of us believes that the era that birthed us is the best time for anyone to ever have come into existence.
Craig Jenkins
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Bruv, Stormzy's New York Debut Landed a Haymaker for Grime in America

Stormzy's New York city debut continued grime's American victory lap with a bunch of kids spitting the Croydon MC's British pop culture references back word for word.
Alex Robert Ross
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Buckle Up, Nerds! Stormzy Will Be Giving a Talk at Oxford University Later Tonight

“In school, all my teachers and my mum were super routing for me to study at Oxford, I picked music as a career choice... So to be asked to come down and speak to the students is a true tale of destiny.”
Daisy Jones
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Last Night's Sold-Out Kurupt FM Gig Showed They Are Way More than Just a Comedy Show

Bringing out Stormzy, Big Narstie, D Double E, Footsie and even MC Neat, they nailed a show that jams a tongue in the cheek of UK culture, but in the most loving way. Here's all the words, videos and pictures.
Joe Zadeh
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Kurupt FM Cover Stormzy's "Shut Up" Ahead of Their Guest Slot on His Beats 1 Show Tonight

"Kurupt everywhere I go, I can't run when my enemies show, I'll just slap em in the face real rasclat quick, then I duck into Decoy's Golf."
Moya Lothian-McLean
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UK Boxer Dillian Whyte Lost to Anthony Joshua, But Now Says He'll Knock Out Stormzy

"Chat shit get banged? I'd give him the real one bang."
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Alert! There's An Old Guy Busking Stormzy Covers on London's Carnaby Street

No, there is nothing better in this world than a cockney pensioner shouting "Oi, rudeboy!"
Noisey Staff
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Stormzy Just Beat the X Factor Winner's Single in This Week's Charts

"Shut Up" came in at number 8 above Louisa Johnson's "Forever Young", which is the poorest performing Xwinner’s single in the history of X Factor
Noisey Staff
Woah, Dude!

Fuck It! Let's Get Stormzy to Christmas Number One

Yes, there's no sleigh bell sounds or child choirs, but imagine hearing a Radio 2 presenter having to air it as the Xmas no 1?
Joe Zadeh