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All the ​Clients I've Encountered During My 12 Years as a Male Escort

From people who want crazy positions, to those who want to use every prop going.


Every Type of Client I've Encountered as a Sex Worker

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'The Orgasm Is Deeper with Marijuana' – People Talk About Having Sex On Booze and Weed

After a study was carried out into the effect of both substances on people's sex lives, we thought we'd do some of our own qualitative research.


Think Before You Ink: Lessons People Learned from Their Dodgy First Tattoos

"I thought it would be hilarious to get a gang tattoo with a picture of an uzi, but now I can't take my shirt off on the beach. Joke tattoos are only funny for a little while."


Have 20 Years of Leeds' Unity Day Free Party Actually Brought Anyone Together?

After some unrest – and the burning down of a pub – in Leeds' Hyde Park 20 years ago, the community decided to start an annual event to prove that people there weren't so bad.


How 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' Is Made

How do they find the people who appear on the show? Are those guards the size of adult brown bears really necessary? What happens if you go on TJKS and then decide you don't want it to air? Here: some answers.


More British Universities Should Be Helping Students with Their Drugs

Newcastle University just implemented a scheme that allows students to test the purity of their drugs before they take them, which seems like a much better way to reduce harm than refusing to admit students take drugs at all.