Retroactive Bans Won't Stop Diving in Football

Under a new rule, diving that results in a penalty or red card will be punished with a two-match retroactive ban. But the benefits of simulation still outweigh the costs.


A Virtual Rainstorm Fills the Houston Cistern

Multidirectional flashes of light flicker and dance across hundreds of columns inside the dark architectural void of the Houston Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park.


This Canadian Conceptual Artist Is Subverting Ideas of Public Art

Vancouver-based Reece Terris has spent years upending what he sees as a capitalistic and media-driven culture.


Travel Through an Unraveling of Time in 3D Landscapes and Digital Collage

Physical matter is digitally manipulated in video artist Daniel Crooks’ new work ‘The Subtle Knife’.


Eyal Gever Captures Moments of Amazement in Massive, 3D-Printed Sculptures

The artist uses code and 3D printing to make sculptures that look frozen in time.


Dine Inside the Great Outdoors at 'The Weather Café'

Weather becomes a way of understand our transient and fragile feelings in David Shearings interactive public installation.


[Premiere] Morphing Bodies Throb and Flicker in a Dystopian Music Video

How is technology changing our bodies? Media artist Kurt D’Haeseleer explores this in his music video for Franck Vigroux’s “Simulacres.”


These Photorealistic Images Were Created Using Unreal Engine

Electronic artist and game designer Noisestorm crafts lifelike landscapes for his own album art.


Finally, You Can Play Out Your Ghostbuster Fantasies in VR

Now you can fulfill all your Ghostbusters LARPer dreams in this VR experience at Madame Tussauds.


Take a Peek at the Artistic Sides of Mosquitoes, Bacteria, and Scientific Processes

'Science of the Unseen' is an online exhibition brainstormed by a computer graphics collective.


AI Dreamgirls and Digital Shrimp Cocktails Color This Post-Internet Group Show

The 'Olimpia's Eyes' exhibit explores the point just between where the physical, human element begins and the technological, virtual world ends.


Uncanny GTA V Photos Remind Us We Might Be in a Simulated World

Photographer Ollie Ma’ challenges our sense of simulation theory with his new series 'Open World.'