Why ‘Skyrim’ Forever Remains in the Shadow of ‘Morrowind’

Fans of The Elder Scrolls maintain the third game is the series' best – and its makers have paid attention since the missteps of 'Oblivion'.
Jim Trinca

Bethesda Had an E3 2016 Showcase, and Here’s What Happened

Really, don't try to read too much into that headline, it's entirely literal. Also: 'Skyrim Special Edition' and a new 'Prey.'
Mike Diver

Modder ‘girlplaysgame’ Talks Reshaping Video Games

‘girlplaysgame’ is one of many female modders bringing more variety to major video game titles.
DJ Pangburn

The Weird World of Relationships According to Video Games

"Love" in video games can be weird, ranging from hook-ups with pigeons to committing criminal acts to turn a partner on.
Jack Yarwood

Meet YouTube's 79-Year-Old Grandma Gamer

Known online as Gamer Grandma, 79-year-old Shirley Curry has won the hearts of 115,000 subscribers – double the population of the quaint Virginian town she calls home.
Xiaoran Shi
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Bethesda Already Ported ‘Skyrim’ To New-Gen Consoles, But You Can’t Have It

At least, not right now. But come on, surely, guys, seriously: give us 'Skyrim' on our fancy new systems, please?
Mike Diver
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Photographing the 2015 EGX Cosplay Championship

It's the biggest cosplay event in Britain, so people made an effort. Most people, anyway.
Stuart Murray
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Here’s a Dozen Xbox 360 Games That Definitely Don’t Suck in 2015

With the Xbox One promising more backwards compatibility, and the Xbox 360 turning ten, here's 12 games that you need to play, today.
Mike Diver

If 'Skyrim' Were a Fine Art, It Might Look Like This

Alex McLeod blends fantasy and reality in his detailed digital landscapes and sculptures.
Beckett Mufson
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Bittersweet Victory: On the Void Left Behind When Your Favourite Game’s Completed

The final boss was defeated, but this wasn't victory I felt. I wasn't happy. I was gutted, and had a new gap in my life.
Scott Craig White
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Read an Excerpt from Simon Parkin’s New Book, ‘Death By Video Game’

When his wife was hospitalised with an ectopic pregnancy, Chris found refuge in the cold, grim surroundings of Skyrim.
Mike Diver
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These are Video Gaming’s Best Bars

Oftentimes only a drink will do, so here are the top places to have one when you're a collection of polygons.
Ewan Wilson