Intimate Photographs from the First Years of Punk

Ivar Muñoz-Rojas's new book features photos from the personal archive of 'Slash' magazine founder Philomena Winstanley.
Juanjo Villalba
New Old Music

Guns N' Roses Release a Fuck-Off Piano Demo of "November Rain"

It's taken from the ostentatious 'Appetite for Destruction' box set, due out tomorrow. It's 10 minutes long.
Alex Robert Ross
killer clowns

Clown with Bladed Gloves Murders Man and Escapes on Scooter, Cops Say

It all went down in the parking lot of a Torchy's Tacos in Denver.
Josiah Hesse

We Saw Skrillex Open for Guns N’ Roses and It Made Us Believe in America Again

What do Axl Rose and Sonny Moore have in common? We went to the band's Houston show to find out.
Andy O'Connor
Internet Exploring

Leather Pants Are Bad, and The Stone Roses Do Not Like Them

Apparently Slash offered to join group after John Squire left in 1996, but Ian Brown and company decided "we’re not going to work with a guy with leather pants, are we?"
Noisey Staff
Coachella 2016

Watch the Throne, Literally: Guns N' Roses Show Their Age at Coachella

Almost immediately, it was clear something was off. Whether it’s the cognitive dissonance of Guns N’ Roses playing to the flower-crowned and glowstick hordes, Axl’s inability to move, or something more mysterious and intangible, the magic was absent.
Jeff Weiss
Deep Ass Questions

Guns N' Roses: Band, Myth, or Total Shit?

Constantly surrounded by an air of impending disaster, they have all the stability of a pilot-less rocket tearing stripes of flaming hairspray across the sky. But isn't that the whole appeal?
Angus Harrison
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Footage From Guns N' Roses' Classic Lineup Reunion

The band played an intimate set before their momentous 20 stadium tour.
John Hill

We’ve Found the New AC/DC Vocalist And He Prefers Snake Venom To Jack Daniels

We spoke to Steve Ludwin who for nearly 30 years has been injecting snake venom and dreaming of one day singing for AC/DC.
Noisey Staff
The Noisey Guide to

Here's How This Whole Guns N' Roses Reunion Will Go Down

Let us look into the future at how the road to Coachella shakes out for Axl Rose and crew.
Dan Ozzi
Gary Suarez
Internet Exploring

Are Guns N' Roses Reuniting Next Year?

They redesigned their website and stashed promos in select showings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What gives?
Noisey Staff

Fan Fiction Is the Sexual Education I Gave Myself

When I was 13, pretty much everything I knew about sex was from fan fiction. And from what I could tell, it was awesome.
Wendy Syfret