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There Are a Million Poles in the UK – But None On British TV

Poles are the largest group of foreign nationals, and Polish is England's second language, but you wouldn't know that from our programming.


I Headlined the First 'Eastenders' Pride Parade Episode

Appearing on a Pride-themed soap ep isn't the most radical, progressive step out there, but it meant everything to my mum.


EastEnders Helped Me Integrate In British Society

One of the hardest challenges I faced when I first arrived in the UK was the language barrier. Thank God for my teachers, my foster family and soap operas.


The Fast and the Furious Saga Is the Best Soap Opera

The increasingly ridiculous movies have more in common with soap operas than you'd think.


Russell T Davies Talks Rimming, Grindr and the Image of Ryan Reynolds Masturbating

In the late 90s, Russell T Davies changed everything with "Queer as Folk". Next week, he's back on Channel 4 with "Cucumber, Banana, Tofu" – a threesome of multi-platform gay programming.


From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: If It’s in Your Nature You’ll Never Win

Scenes from the Syrian soap opera 'Under the Homeland’s Sky'.