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The Statue of Liberty Was Originally Intended to Celebrate the End of American Slavery

We spoke with Ed Berenson, author of <i>The Statue of Liberty: A Transatlantic Story</i>, about the little-known origins of the iconic statue in New York Harbor.
VICE Staff
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After a Police Shooting, One Father's Quest for Justice Sets a Precedent

After a cop killed his son, Nicholas Heyward Sr. became a mentor to the Black Lives Matter movement. His crusade may finally pay off.
Erika Eichelberger
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The Origins of an Impostor: JT LeRoy's First Story

Read the first story written by the pseudonymous author who scandalized the literary establishment.
JT LeRoy
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Airbnb Is Politely Asking Its Hosts Not to Be Racist

The company is trying to keep hosts from discriminating against renters by having users agree to a "community commitment," as well as getting rid of profile photos.
VICE Staff
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Two Glasses of Sangria with Comedian Phoebe Robinson

The cohost of the new podcast '2 Dope Queens' is having a moment.
Morgan Jerkins

Ray Barbee Is the Happiest Man in Skateboarding

We caught up with the longtime pro to talk about why race plays no part in skateboarding and how he's stayed so happy for so long.
Chris Nieratko
The Photo Issue 2016

Portraits of a Socialite Who Named Her Dog After Jackie O

Six years ago, photographer Chuck Grant met Tina Santi Flaherty, who lives above Jackie Kennedy's old apartment on 5th Avenue. Tina describes Jackie Kennedy as her muse. These photos are inspired by the Kennedy aesthetic.
Chuck Grant
The Photo Issue 2016

Lorna Simpson Examines African American Identity

In this series, Lorna Simpson took photos of black women from advertisements in old issues of Ebony and paired them with images from a 1931 textbook.
Lorna Simpson
The Photo Issue 2016

A Japanese Photographer Examines Identity Stereotypes

Eighteen-year-old Izumi Miyazaki cites a number of surrealists as her inspiration in her thoughtful, wry, and precise work on identity stereotypes, setting cultural clichés alongside grotesque or awkward elements.
Izumi Miyazaki
The Photo Issue 2016

Life is Weird, Gritty, and Beautiful in the Everglades

Mechanization of farming jobs, disease, and isolation left Belle Glade poorly developed. Less than 50 miles away on the island of Palm Beach, billionaires including Donald Trump live in mansions.
Sofia Valiente
The Photo Issue 2016

Groundbreaking Images by the Founder of the First Women's Photographic Agency in the UK

"If somebody wanted a photograph of a person doing a certain job, we would send them a photograph of a woman doing it."
Val Wilmer

The Pleasure and Pain of Being Disabled in the BDSM Community

"People were always kind of onboard with me being a submissive or masochist—although they were always worried about hitting me too hard and knocking a joint out of place."
Mark Hay