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If You Saw a Knee on the Strokes ‘Is This It’ Artwork, You’re Pure

What your perception of the album cover, from the New York band's 2001 debut, says about you.


Saying A Fond, Personal Goodbye to 'NME''s Print Edition

Divisive and flawed it may have been, but it was also utterly inspirational for a generation of rock fans stuck between the traditional music press and the innovations of the internet.


Don't Apologise Quincy Jones, You Living Legend

Giving two of the best interviews in recent memory is nothing to be sorry about??


The Buzz for Arctic Monkeys' Live Comeback Reminds Us That They're Timeless

Whatever you say about them, the band's slew of festival dates is a reason to get nostalgic for the past and excited for right now.


Covers by Lorde and St. Vincent Provide Deeper Connections to Artists I Love

There's something magic about seeing a musician you love put their stamp on a piece of music by someone else.


Taylor Swift Sold a Million Copies of an Album That Didn’t Need Hits

Figures confirm that 'Reputation' was 2017's best-selling album, but tell another story about the loyalty of Swift's fans.


Charli XCX’s ‘Pop 2’ Subverts Everything About Music for the Masses

The mixtape, exec produced by PC Music's AG Cook, is a masterclass in turning pop on its head.


Question: Does Shouting Between Songs at Gigs Make You a Prick?

Or, a shallow dive into whether I was an asshole for yelling "FUCK IT UP THOUGH" at a Moses Sumney gig.


The 'Old Taylor' Isn’t Dead If She’s Still Holding a Grudge

Only Taylor Swift 1.0 would write "Look What You Made Me Do" about moving on but fill it with barbed jabs about karma.