Somerset House


A One-Weekend Exhibit Clears Up London’s Pollution Problem with Art

The impact of air pollution in London makes for an interactive, educational experience at Somerset House.


The Fragility of Equilibrium Is a Finely Balanced Light Sculpture

Austrian design studio mischer'traxler's kinetic installation needs perfect equilibrium to shine bright.


Björk’s VR Exhibition Explores Her Fascination with Digital Worlds

The Icelandic musician’s latest is a deep dive into the self-made-digital.


This Is the Look of Today's Utopia

Somerset House's 'Utopian Voices Here & Now' explores how today's politics sow the seeds for tomorrow's paradises.


How Stanley Kubrick Still Influences Artists, Filmmakers, and Musicians Today

'Daydreaming with...Stanley Kubrick' looks at the iconic director's huge cultural influence, from set design to music, visuals arts, and more.


The Bots Are Coming... to London!!!

For a weekend of workshops and artworks, 'The Art of Bots' will explore how bot software is being used by artists, developers, hacktivists, and gamers.


Everyone's a Winner When It Comes to Giant, Scratch-Off Art

Camella DaEun Kim's 'No Losers' gives you the satisfaction of a scratcher without any of the risk.


Here's the Shortlist for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

Jaw-dropping Images on the short list for this year’s Sony World Photography Awards include Buddhist homes in China, young Balinese dancers, and "real-world aliens."


'Utopia' Emerges at London Fashion Week

Fashion from all five continents explores important social issues through design.


I Had to Survive London Fashion Week On Free Gifts Alone

For the whole five days, I blagged everything I ate, drank, wore and watched.


In the Queue - London Fashion Week

Which STI is the most high fashion? Let's find out.