10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Sommelier

"I've seen colleagues at tastings down litres of wine and get so drunk they can barely remember their names."
Leon Benz

We Got an Expert to Taste Test Supermarket Sangria

To help you choose the best sangria a very small amount of money can buy.
Laura Muriel

Inside the London Wine Bar That Feels Like a Mate’s Kitchen

“People will constantly just walk into the ‘kitchen’ and chat to the chef,” says Phil Bracey of P. Franco, a casual wine bar and shop in Clapton. ”It feels like our house.”
Chloe Sachdev

A Seven-Course Dinner with a Gang of Rogue Australian Winemakers

When London's Typing Room restaurant invited some New Wave Aussie wine producers to showcase their best plonk, the evening started with weird berries and ended with a ménage à trois.
Daisy Meager

How Smelling and Drinking Wine Can Protect You from Alzheimer’s

The researchers behind this study chose to put 13 Master Sommeliers and 13 civilians into an MRI machine and had them smell fruits and wine, in order to look at the structural differences between the two groups of brains.
Nick Rose

This Sake Sommelier Wants You to Stop Drinking Crappy Hot Sake

Think you don't like sake? Motoko Watanabe of Zenkichi says that's because you've been drinking mass-produced swill that's served boiling hot to mask its crappiness.
Barbara Woolsey

The UK’s First Soft Drink Sommelier Can Teach You How to Sip Soda

Award-winning sommelier, Kathrine Larsen is lending her palate to non-alcoholic drinks. She suggests pairing apple juice with fish, but isn’t a fan of synthetic fizzy drinks.
Johanna Derry