Song of the Summer?

Song of the Summer?

It's Hot in the UK Again, So What's Your Go-to Heatwave Music?

We stopped a bunch of people in the street and made them tell us about what music they've turned to during this Really Toasty Summer.
Annie Lord
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Why Do We Associate Songs With Certain Seasons?

From golden synth lines to icy piano keys, music has long been linked with spring, summer, autumn and winter – I spoke to some experts about why.
Daisy Jones
Important Questions Raised By...

Teens Tell Us Definitively What the Song of the Summer Is

Everyone knows teenagers are music's great uncredited tastemakers anyway.
Deborah Ijaduola
Future Days

What Will Be the Song of the Summer to Rule Them All Forever and Ever?

Now that it is summer, we can also listen to Song. Of Summer.
Drew Millard

Why Does Calvin Harris Have So Many “Songs of the Summer”?

A scientific analysis of how the hit-maker dominates the airwaves every festival season.
Rachel Kraus
New music

Frank Ocean and Migos Do the Impossible, Make a Calvin Harris Song Actually Good

"Slide" bangs severely (but not because of Calvin Harris.)
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Holy Flame Emojis, Dej Loaf and Big Sean's New Song "Back Up" Is Sweet

"Me and DeJ together holy matrimony."
Kyle Kramer

Why Don't We Have a Song of the Summer Yet?

“Blurred Lines” is just a good song. “Get Lucky” makes me think of 1978. “We Can’t Stop” is depressing. So when are we going to get our song of the summer?