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Beyoncé's New-Old Demo of "Sorry" Is Genius In-Progress

'Lemonade' is finally available on all streaming services and includes the original version to "Sorry."
Kristin Corry

Sorry Wrote a Thumping, Eerie Jealousy Anthem (Including Sax!)

We're premiering "Jealous Guy" – no, not that one – from the south London band today.
Daisy Jones

The Whole Weezer/"Africa" Thing Was My Fault and I’m So Sorry

A Noisey editor's formal apology for helping to create a pop culture monster.
Dan Ozzi
Objectively Correct Lists

We Asked Musicians About the One Artist We Should Listen to in 2019

Because good musicians know about good music and that's a fact.
Daisy Jones

How British Guitar Music Caught Up With The World

It took a long time to get over itself, but now British guitar music feels like it’s standing on its own feet.
Ryan Bassil
Objectively Correct Lists

God Bless Tyler, the Creator and All of 2018's Great One-Off Singles

Tyler has been on one, putting out tracks from yesterday's "PEACH FUZZ" and "GELATO" to "OKRA" – so here's a loosie appreciation post.
Ryan Bassil
Tshepo Mokoena
Daisy Jones

Sorry Have a Weird and Beautiful Visual Mixtape for You All

We're premiering the grungey London band's nine-track 'Home Demo(ns) Vol. II' release. It's great.
Daisy Jones

This Is How Much Longer You'll Live If You Stop Eating Meat

The study concluded that despite some variability in the data, “the evidence is consistent that increased intake of red meat, especially processed red meat, is associated with increased all-cause mortality.”
Wyatt Marshall
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Bin Every Other Band, Sorry Are Bringing Romance Back to Music

Weed reek, damp steets, sat in stoned silence: this four piece are doing everything A&Rs have been searching for and rightfully failing to find.
Daisy Jones
Noisey News

Of Course Justin Bieber's "Sorry" Is the Most-Watched Music Video of 2016

It somehow defined the year without actually being from it.
Phil Witmer
Noisey News

Canadian Police Department Apologizes to Nickelback, Reaches Peak Canada

Kensington Police had joked about punishing drunk-drivers with tracks from 'Silver Side Up'.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Justin Bieber Rides Solo to Bar, Plays Piano in Return for Free Drinks

Bieber’s “spirit moved him to the keyboard​” in Toronto this weekend, where he played “Sorry” and a cover of The Beatles “Let It Be”.
Noisey Staff