South Asian food

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Bow Down to Aubergine Pickle, the God-Tier Condiment

Bottom-tier: piccalilli and own-brand ketchup. Mid-tier: mayonnaise and HP Sauce. God-tier: aubergine pickle.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

London’s Desi Pubs Are a Proud British-Indian Tradition

A fixture of the communities where migrants have settled, South Asian-owned pubs offer tandoori grills and homemade roti alongside draught ale and darts.
Ciaran Thapar
South Asian food

How This Town Became a South Asian Sweet Shop Paradise

Bradford’s first mithai shop was opened in 1964 by Abdul Rehman, a Pakistani migrant working in the city's textiles mills. Other shops soon followed and today, Bradford is a sugary haven of laddu and gulab jamun.
Aina Khan
South Asian food

Meet the Pakistani Chef Teaching Colonial History Through Food

"It’s startling how little people know about Partition. The largest immigration of human movement across two countries took place and thousands lost their lives."
Ruchira Sharma

Meet the Chef Bringing Grandma-Approved Pakistani Street Food to London

Numra Siddiqui scoured the food stalls of Karachi and her own family recipes in search of the ultimate bun kabab—the “desi burger” made with sweetened bread and slow-cooked beef.
Daisy Meager

Meet the 63-Year-Old ‘Auntie’ Making Glasgow’s Favorite Samosas

Served with chickpeas and tamarind chutney, Glasgow Sweet House’s samosas are the work of "Auntie" Nasreen. “All of my friends’ daughters come here to get them,” she says. “I’m flattered everyone likes them.”
Zab Mustefa