south bank


The Murder That Spawned South Bank's 'Skateboard Graveyard'

Twenty years ago today, best friends Timothy "Timo" Baxter and Gabriel Cornish were crossing Hungerford Bridge after a night out. Neither of them would make it to the other side.


We Watched Greenpeace Park a Gigantic Polar Bear Outside Shell's London HQ This Morning

The protesters hope to remain locked up inside the double-decker bus sized beast until Shell stop drilling in the Arctic.


I Spent a Day Pretending to Be a Tourist in London

I wanted to see what it's like to be a stranger in my own city.


This Is How Londoners React to a Flying Drone in 2014

Photographer Henry Wilkins went round the city with his quadcopter.


Chad Muska Can't Escape Skating Through Art

Not that he'd ever really want to.


Why Closing Southbank Skate Park Would Suck for London

Cities die when cash trumps youth.