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The Horrific Story of a Mob of White Cab Drivers Getting Away with Murder

The tragic 1947 event speaks to America's enduring history of racism and systemic corruption.
Seth Ferranti
4 days ago
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My Brothers Have Committed Violent Acts, but They Aren't 'Animals'

I understand better than most why we shouldn't demonise even people who have committed horrible crimes.
Issac J. Bailey

These Black Churches Are Considering Arming Their Congregations

In the age of Trump and Dylann Roof, some church leaders are prepared to take drastic steps to defend against potential shootings.
Issac J. Bailey
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My Struggle to Feel Empathy for Police

It's natural to get angry and even numb when it comes to police shootings, but we need to rise above those feelings.
Issac J. Bailey
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Cops Say Repeat Prison Escapee Got Help from a Drone

It was Jimmy Causey's second escape from a maximum-security prison in 12 years.
Allie Conti

After Mourning the Charleston Shooting Victims, White People Still Voted Trump

South Carolina residents prayed with Marjorie McIver after her sister was killed by Dylann Roof—and yet they also supported a presidential candidate who trafficked in inflammatory rhetoric.
Issac J. Bailey

What Went Wrong in the Case Against Walter Scott's Killer?

Reformers and experts point to the makeup of the jury and a history of police escaping accountability in America.
Allie Conti
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Things Are Going Great for the Guy Who Attacked Dylann Roof in Jail

Dwayne Stafford is enjoying temporary housing and donated clothing, food, and cash after being released from jail where he assaulted Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.
VICE Staff
Life Inside

I Made a Viral Rap Video in Prison

When Desmond Metcalf, AKA Yung Real, was in prison for burglary, he helped make a video that earned over a million views.
Desmond Metcalf as told to Maurice Chammah
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Why I Hated Being a Cop

But I'm no cop hater: I was crippled in the line of duty, with the boot they cut off me at the hospital to prove it.
Raeford Davis as told to David Gambacorta

A Judge Overturned a Death Sentence Because the Prosecutor Compared a Black Defendant to King Kong

Even by the standards of racism in America's Deep South, this case—which centers on a prosecutor who's been arrested twice for drunk driving—is pretty crazy.
Andrew Cohen
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How It Felt to Be Kicked Out of a Trump Rally for Being Black and Wearing a Keffiyeh

After I was asked to leave by security for merely standing silently during a Trump event in South Carolina, a video of me went viral, and I was suddenly a subject on conservative talk radio.
Chenjerai Kumanyika