The Neutral’s Guide to Falling In Love With… Southampton

In our latest Neutral's Guide we head for the crisp sea air of the south coast, home to what many consider to be the best-run club in the Premier League.
Jim Weeks
joel golby and other less famous writers

We Asked VICE Staff About Their Worst Experiences at the Football

A selection of embittered VICE staff relive some absolutely shite days out at football grounds.
VICE Staff

How Creeper Brought Magic and Melodrama Back to Emo

As the Southampton goth-punks prepare to release their debut album, we spent the day unravelling the mystery that brought them here.
Tom Connick
Christmas #Content

Rating Every Premier League Club’s Festive Merchandise In Order Of Christmassiness

With the commemoration of the birth of Our Lord coming up, we have decided to get to the bottom of what Christmas is all about – football clubs selling obscene amounts of merch.
Will Magee

How The Premier League is Rethinking Age in Youth Development

Traditionally, young talents in football are made to train and play by age group. But is that system fundamentally flawed?
Brian Blickenstaff
premier league

The Revitalisation Of The Moody Front Man: In Praise Of Diego Costa and Olivier Giroud

In the final Premier League Review of the week, we laud two of the moodiest strikers in the top flight.
Will Magee
manuel pellegrini: the chilean banquo

The Ghost At The Feast Of Pep Guardiola: Previewing Manchester City vs. Southampton

In the second of this week’s Premier League Previews, we see the spectre of Manuel Pellegrini appearing at Guardiola’s footballing feast.
Will Magee
to dean or not to dean that is the question

All Hail The Wirral Hamlet: The Glorious Theatre Of Watching Mike Dean

In the second part of our Premier League Review, we celebrate the wonderful, over-the-top pageantry of Mike Dean’s refereeing.
Will Magee
ronald koeman

How Ronald Koeman Became the Netherlands' Top Managerial Export

As a player, Ronald Koeman's route to success was fairly straightforward. But, as a manager, he's followed a far more interesting path to the top – and is a better boss for it.
Alex Hess

Smashing It, Small Time: Inside a Local Competitive Video Gaming Scene

Smash Down South is one of many Super Smash Bros. Melee communities keeping a 15-year-old game alive. We went to check it out.
Henry Stenhouse
jamie vardy pinging on red bull

Jamie Vardy’s Post-Party Comedown: Reviewing Leicester vs. Southampton

If last season was one long party for Jamie Vardy, the new campaign is starting to resemble a particularly brutal comedown, with at least one guy K-holing on the sofa.
Will Magee
The struggle is real

Struggling Sunderland, Southampton and Stoke: Assessing The Teams at The Wrong End of The Table

In our third and final Premier League Preview, we look to the struggles of the three ‘S’s and assess their hopes ahead of a crucial weekend.
Will Magee