sperm donation


The Sweet Stories of Gay Men Who Donate Sperm to Lesbian Friends

Often, a unique, harmonious sort of relationship ensues, one at the vanguard of our modern idea of "family."


I'm Trying to Get Pregnant with a Stranger's Sperm and It's Going Terribly

This better be worth the money, bum injections and stress for my wife and I.


This Is the Porn You Get at a Sperm Bank

I've always wondered which researcher in a lab coat made these selections and what the thought process was behind their choice.


This Is How Hard It Is to Donate Sperm to the British Government

After a year of being open, the National Sperm Bank has had just nine deposits. But the problem isn't a lack of sperm or wankers – it's that donating the stuff is ridiculously tough to do.


Getting Paid to Jerk Off Isn’t All It's Cracked Up to Be

Sperm donation is an easy way to make money, but it'll make you feel judged, ruin your sex life and haunt you with the idea that you could have genetic offspring out there somewhere.