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This Bar Banned All Irish People on St. Patrick's Day as a Social Experiment

The bouncer at the pop-up told people wearing green that the Irish were “lower-class citizens” who would “steal your jobs."
Jelisa Castrodale
st patricks day

This Restaurant Wants You to Take Irish Food Seriously

“People don't have the balls to say, ‘Fuck it, I'm Irish. I grew up eating it and I love it.’”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
st patricks day

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Like an Irish Pub Landlord

Dublin-born Oisín Rogers of The Guinea Grill, a longstanding pub in London’s Mayfair, starts his Paddy’s Day with oysters and Guinness, before moving onto stew and unexpected singing.
Oisín Rogers

Drunk Driver Wearing 'Drunk Lives Matter' Shirt Arrested

Talk about self-incriminating.
Nick Rose
st patricks day

These Insane St Patrick's Day Stories Will Convince You to Stay Home Tonight

Blow jobs! Party bus fights! Fake death! People told us the most drunken and deranged things they've done to honor Ol' Pat's life.
Caroline Thompson
Last Call

St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Advice from an Unshockable Dublin Barman

As a third-generation bartender with 15 years' experience serving Dubliners, Will Scully knows a thing or two about toasting St. Paddy.
Daisy Meager
The Tight Squeeze Issue

Chicago Cordially Asks You to Please Write Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade into Your Movie

Show up with Mark Ruffalo and 20 camera guys, and I promise you we will not notice.
Blythe Roberson

5 Irish Filmmakers to Watch on St. Patrick's Day

If parades and bar crawls aren't your tumbler of Jameson, stay inside and watch these movies instead.
Beckett Mufson

The Week In Links 3/15/13

Busy week? Here’s somethings you may’ve missed.
Kevin Holmes

How to Fake Being Irish On St Patrick's Day

You're going to do it anyway, so you might as well do it properly.
Wallace Arkwright