Man Who Snorted 4.5g of Coke and Stabbed Tourist to Death Is Jailed

Nicholas Foy has been imprisoned for at least 17 years after the random and completely unprovoked attack.
Mac Hackett
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Man Complains About His Meal in Restaurant, Ends Up Dead

Something went very, very wrong here.
Wendy Syfret
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Professor Allegedly Stabbed Boyfriend 70 Times as Part of Sexual Fantasy

Prosecutors say the suspect and his alleged accomplice hatched their violent, erotic plan after meeting in an online chatroom.
River Donaghey

Viral Hate Videos Are a Person of Colour’s Reality

Violent, racist clips are the new normal on my social media feed and have changed the way I look at the world.
Sarah Hagi

I Was Stabbed By a Samurai Sword on Friday the 13th—And Still Made it to My DJ Gig

You get into all kinds of things when you're out till 6 AM every night. But I never expected something like this.
Miguel Angel AKA DJ ulovei
Notting HIll Carnival

What the Police Want to Do to Notting Hill Carnival

A new report on last year's Carnival sheds light on the four people who nearly died from stabbings, and the 450 arrests made.
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A Times Square Cookie Monster Was Stabbed Trying to Break Up a Halloween Brawl

The <i>Sesame Street</i> vigilante was injured after trying to break up a fight between a man dressed as an aviator who was apparently offended by another man's Native American costume.
Allison Schaller
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Sixteen-Year-Old Slashed in the Face as Hundreds of School Kids Scream

There's been yet another mass teen brawl, this time outside a shopping centre in south east London.
Carlton Férment
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Everything We Know So Far About the Russell Square Stabbing

An attack last night has left one woman dead and five others injured.
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Everything We Know About the Knife Attack in Japan That Killed At Least 19

Satoshi Uematsu gave multiple warnings that he planned to go through with one of the biggest mass murders in Japanese history.
Allie Conti
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Four People Were Stabbed at a Skrillex and Diplo Show in Vegas

A massive brawl erupted during the show.
Gigen Mammoser

An Architect Was Just Found Guilty in an Insane BDSM Murder Trial in Ireland

Graham Dwyer, architect, father of three and BDSM enthusiast, has been found guilty after a murder trial that has captivated the Irish public for months with lurid details of an alleged BDSM affair gone horribly wrong.
David Gilmour