Standing Rock


Young People Talk About What It's Like Growing Up Indigenous

Every year indigenous kids from Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada get together at the Riddu Riddu Festival in Norway, to party and discuss cultural identity and prejudice.
Adam Alexander Johansson

The Dakota Access Pipeline Is Already Leaking

And the Standing Rock Sioux are worried.
Cole Kazdin

How Standing Rock Birthed a New Generation of Independent Left-Wing Media

A crew of journalism collectives and livestreamers were more effective at covering the movement than the mainstream media.
Cheree Franco
50 states of art

Standing Rock-Born Sculptor Cannupa Hanska Luger Fights for Cultural Survival | #50StatesofArt

The artist speaks to Creators about ceramics, culture, and the human need to make art.
Emerson Rosenthal
Standing Rock

My Week Among the Freezing, Confused, Hopeful Veterans at Standing Rock

When US veterans traveled to Standing Rock to join the pipeline protests, they were hoping to protect Native activists fighting for their land and water. But many were also hoping to find a new purpose.
Cheree Franco

Neil Young and the Restless Need to Keep Making Protest Music

We talk to the icon about spending his birthday protesting at Standing Rock and keeping the spirit of the 60s alive in Trump's America.
Steve Baltin

What Standing Rock and 'Moana' Have in Common

While Moana shows the sacrifice of one leader, Standing Rock reminds us of the power of collective organizing.
Eileen G'Sell

How the Standing Rock Camps Are Coping with the Massive Blizzard

Despite incredibly harsh conditions and a request from a Sioux leader that non-Sioux campers leave, many are staying put.
VICE Staff

From the Frontline at Standing Rock

Greg Rogove—drummer with Devendra Banhart and frontman of Rogov—spent Thanksgiving in North Dakota. In the wake of the Sioux tribe victory, he shares his experiences.
Greg Rogove

THUMP Mix: Austra

Ahead of the Toronto outfit's upcoming LP, Katie Stelmanis shares an hour of Mexican rancheras, European club beats, and Canadian indigenous music.
Max Mertens
An Open Letter to

Kate Nash Shares an Open Letter to Obama About the Dakota Pipeline Signed by 290 Plus Musicians

Billie Joe Armstrong, Sia, Alicia Keys, Karen O, Maroon 5, and many more have signed to voice their concern about the increasingly dire situation in North Dakota.
Kate Nash

The Standing Rock 'Water Protectors' Vow to Stay No Matter What the Government Does

The government has ordered the protesters to move by December 5 or face potential trespassing charges, and lots of them seem prepared to go with the latter.
Cole Kazdin and Duy Linh Tu