Star Wars Battlefront

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Life Is Cheap in the Star Wars Universe, and ‘Battlefront’ Got That Brilliantly Right

'Star Wars: Battlefront' isn't necessarily a great video game, but it perfectly captures a grunt's life on the frontlines.
Robert Rath
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Sales Figures for 2015 Show That Video Gaming Is Bigger Than Movies and Music In the UK

Which everyone who follows the games industry already knew, but the stats might be surprising to some.
Mike Diver

The 4K 'Star Wars Battlefront' Mod Looks Like Real Life

A new mod beautifully blurs the line between games and reality.
Beckett Mufson
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Alderaan Moves: The VICE Gaming Verdict On ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

'Battlefront' isn't brilliant, but if you're a passionate Star Wars fan, you're probably not going to care.
Matt Lees
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Really, It’s OK to Not Play Every New Video Game That’s Coming Out

There's so many that you physically couldn't, anyway, so here's a guide to what you should pick up, based on your personal circumstances.
Sean Cleaver
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Ubisoft Legend Jade Raymond Is Opening a New EA Studio in Montreal to Make a 'Star Wars' Game

One video game legend is teaming up with another to create a new studio, and some Star Wars thing.
Zack Kotzer
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VICE Gaming at E3 2015: Day One Round Up

We're on the ground in Los Angeles, and will be rounding up the best of each day as we see it, starting now.
Julia Hardy
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Why EA’s ‘Star Wars’ Games Need to Betray the Fans

DICE's impressive new <i>Battlefront</i> has the look and feel of the movies nailed, but isn't it time Lucasfilm let game developers do more ambitious things with the universe?
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
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Eleven Things We Now Know About ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

<i>The Force Awakens</i>? Whatever. It's the upcoming <i>Battlefront</i> that's got gamers dizzy about the return of the Dark Side.
Sam White