dog racing

Doped Up Dogs: Why Greyhounds Are Being Given Cocaine

Doping in the dog racing world has decreased in recent years, but it's still happening throughout the UK and Ireland.
Max Daly

Cows in Switzerland Could Be Given Acupuncture Instead of Antibiotics

Following the World Health Organisation’s warning that the overuse of antibiotics in meat causes antimicrobial resistance in humans, Swiss vets are trialling alternative medicine.
Daisy Meager

How Taking Testosterone Illegally Helped Manage My Depression

I have borderline low testosterone and severe depression. After my mental health hit an all time low, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Jon Nelson
Rio 2016

The Drugs Won: The Case for Ending the Sports War on Doping

The fight against performance-enhancing drugs has long been framed as a moral crusade. But some heretics like retired investigator Don Catlin and former USATF exec Doug Logan now contend that the battle is a quagmire, and doing more harm than good.
Patrick Hruby
Rio 2016

Steroids, Strychnine and a Dash of Skullduggery: A Potted History of Doping in Sport

While doping is at the forefront of the sporting consciousness at the moment, it’s hardly a recent phenomenon. Athletes have doped since ancient times, and often in very peculiar ways.
Will Magee

WWE's Weirdly Flat Draft Was Haunted by the Past

WWE wanted to do a NFL-style draft to kick off its recent brand split. Smackdown and Raw got their wrestlers, but a looming lawsuit made it too NFL-like for comfort.
Ian Williams

Brock Lesnar Fails Drug Test Taken 11 Days Prior to UFC 200

Read the full UFC statement on the potential violation.
Fightland Staff

The End Of Roman's Reign

When Roman Reigns lost clean in his Money In The Bank match, it was surprising. When he got suspended, it was more so. But this is how it's supposed to be.
Ian Williams

What's Driving the Rise of Steroid Use in Britain?

As one in ten gym-going men are affected by muscle dysmorphia, we look at the part steroid use has to play in the disorder.
Maya Oppenheim
the vince mcmahon steroid affair

The Forgotten Steroid Trial That Almost Brought Down Vince McMahon

When a urologist from Pennsylvania was busted for giving steroids to pro wrestlers, it led to a trial that nearly toppled WWE capo Vince McMahon.
Dan O'Sullivan
hulkamania and its discontents

Hulk Hogan, All-American Liar

Even in a sport defined by an open relationship with the truth, Hulk Hogan has distinguished himself as a teller of tall tales. Now they're all he's got left.
Ian Williams

Dadbod Isn't That Funny When You Are a Guy with an Eating Disorder

The stupid term does highlight male privilege, sure, but as a guy with an eating disorder, I don't want it.
Jake Kivanc