Remembering Things

The Story of the Very First Thing Securely Sold on the Internet

25 years ago, a college kid named Dan Kohn had the novel idea to let people buy things online. The first thing he ever sold was a Sting solo album.
Rob Arcand
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Please, Soak in this Footage of Sting and Shaggy Singing for the Queen

Bow in the presence of greatness – and the Queen of England.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

Sting and Shaggy Have Made an Album Together, and It Probably Slaps

"Don't Make Me Wait," the first single from '44/876,' will help people get pregnant, according to Shaggy.
Alex Robert Ross

Remembering America's Insane Pro Wrestling-Themed Restaurants of the 90s

Much like Guy Fieri today, the bleached hair, sunglasses, and macho aesthetic of pro wrestling captured America’s imagination in the 90s, and even began affecting the way people ate.
Nick Rose
Pro Wrestling

Sting and Taking the Last Bump

On Sunday night, in a WWE pay-per-view, Sting suffered a serious neck injury. What was the 56-year-old wrestler doing out there? Same thing he's always done.
Ian Williams
Objectively Correct Lists

Celebrity Deathmatch Is Back So Here Are Its Greatest Ever Music Beef Bloodbaths

Back in my day, you could watch Marilyn Manson yank Charles Manson's spine right out his shit-bearded mouth.

Meet the Punk Rock Illustrator Who's Worked with Jay Z, Wu Tang, Dropkick Murphys, and More

The art school grad has created lively, ultra-detailed illustrations and merch designs for a wide range of impressive clients.

Australia’s Toxic Doom-Inducing Jellyfish Season has Officially Begun

The Irukandji is a tiny and transparent sea jelly whose psychoactive sting will leave you wishing for death.
Wendy Syfret

DJ Premier Talks Kanye, Disclosure, and That One Time He Walked in on Biggie Eating Fried Chicken in His Boxers

The hip-hop legend has a story or two to tell.
Skinny Friedman
Wasted Life

Wasted Life - Sting's Commune with the Masters of the Universe

A conversation Sting had with an Amazonian god while he was tripping balls.
Moe Bishop