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Stormy Daniels Redefined Sex Scandals

A year after we learned of the hush money payments made by Trump's fixer, the scandal has evolved – and the woman at its centre has become a different kind of star.
Mark Hay
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We Asked Inmates How Michael Cohen Will Get Treated in Prison

"The guy is one of the most well-known snitches in America right now. And I don't care what prison he goes to – he's hit!"
Seth Ferranti
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Fourteen Nasty, Cringeworthy Details About Trump from Stormy Daniels’s New Book

Aside from the fact that his dick looks like a mushroom, there's a lot of interesting information about the president in the porn star's new memoir.
Eve Peyser
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The Most Horrified Reactions to Trump's Dick Allegedly Looking Like Toad

Here's how the world is taking Stormy Daniels's allegation that the president has "a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart."
Drew Schwartz

It's Looking Worse and Worse for Michael Cohen (and Donald Trump)

Will the notorious consigliere's personal fondness for his old boss stand up to growing scrutiny from the feds?
Matt Taylor

Of Course Trump Lied About Stormy Daniels

He lies about everything.
Harry Cheadle
Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Jim Davidson vs Boris Johnson

This week, it's a British buffoon showdown!
Angus Harrison
Desus & Mero

A Brief History of Trump Saying Weird Shit About Ivanka

Desus and Mero look back on Trump's creepy comments about his daughter.
Sarah Bellman
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What Trump Could Learn from America's Long History of Sex Scandals

Too bad Trump isn't a student of history.
Mark Hay

Trump Should Be Scared of Stormy Daniels

Her "60 Minutes" interview demonstrates how media-savvy the porn star is, and that should worry the president.
Harry Cheadle

Will Somebody, Anybody, Make Some Noise for Stormy Daniels?

The porn star is on a stripping tour in the middle of a scandal that is being curiously ignored by most of America.
Eve Peyser
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Stormy Daniels Raised More Questions Than Answers on Her 'Kimmel' Interview

The porn star stayed tight-lipped on Shark Week, Trump's junk and whether or not she made love to someone whose name rhymes with "Lonald Lump".
Lauren Messman