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What Do People from Perugia Think of the New Amanda Knox Documentary?

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The Definitive List of All the Shit You Should Actually Take to University With You

Laptop? Yes. Wok? No. Stationery? Also no. Sandwich maker? No. Laptop? Again, still yes. Essentially you just need to take that.


All The Things You’ll Learn At University That a Lecturer Will Never Teach You

The most important stuff you learn at uni is rarely, like, equations and shit. It's about the upper limit of what you can feasibly spread on toast and call a meal.


Photos of Students Hanging Out on the Balconies of their Dorm Rooms

Florin Țepârdea photographs his neighbour's from his girlfriend's room on a Bucharest university campus.


What the British University You Go to Says About Your Drug Taking

Are you at Manchester? Statistically, yer fuckin' mad fer it.


'Pitch Perfect' Got It Wrong: This Is What It's Really Like to be in a Hardcore a Capella Group

Think college is hard? Try touring for 191 days and performing 225 concerts in 26 countries, all for the sake of singing covers of top 40 songs.