Summer 2015


Burning Man Meets Berlin in Bushwick

Saying goodbye to summer the Brooklyn way, at the Elements Music and Art Festival.


A Video Installation Highlights How the West is Running out of Water

A portrait of the drought shines in infrared hues on 15 screens by artist Kevin Cooley.


Explore The Garden of Eden Like You Have Never Seen It Before

Jonathan Monaghan's new series is a subtle critique about our material desire.


This Weekend: Halil Altindere’s Wonderland Film Steals The Show at MoMA PS1

Not to mention Matias Aguayo, Kingdom, D∆WN , DJ Windows 98, Murlo, and FALSE WITNESS.


Giant Painted Parachutes Touch Down in Detroit

See gigantic blown-up paintings in Claire Ashley's 'Lank Limp Lemons Suck' at the Young World Art Gallery.


Past-Meets-Internet in Alexandra Gorczynski's New Works

Merging a classic sculptures and architectures with organic and digital elements, the Philadelphia-based artist creates dynamic, timeless landscapes.


Observe Your Own Death at the Shaman Art Show

Get in touch with the spirits of good and evil at 'Lexicon Infernali' at the Stephen Romano Gallery's new Bushwick location.


Why Are We So Obsessed with Self-Identification on Social Media?

Digital artist and Tumblr queen-turned-curator Molly Soda examines our networked relationships in new exhibition, 'SAME,' at STREAM gallery.


A New Art Show Tracks Queer Life in Everyday Portraits

"We still struggle to overcome the outdated perception that our art is just about sex, when in fact our collection and our exhibitions range over the whole gamut of LGBTQ life."


LA: #LIVINGROOMTODAY Brings IRL vs. URL Partying to Chinatown

Tonight, it's streaming at you live(dot)com.


Drop Everything Right Now, It's International Sailor Moon Day

Sailor Moon Fans, ASSEMBLEEEEE.