sunday comics

    • 1.25.15

      Go See the Slime Lord

      Jimmy Giegerich takes us to the world of the Slime Lord in this colorful fantasy comic set in an underground world of caverns and violence.

    • 1.18.15

      Community College Dropout

      "It's hard being a young college lady who falls in love with straight girls and hates the college newspaper, comics, and meeting monstrous deities."

    • 1.5.15

      Herman the Elder

      A documentarian starts creating a movie about a giant spider named Herman the Elder for his series about monsters, but it turns out Herman is a gentle beast.

    • 12.28.14

      Francis Bear at the Library

      Francis Bear and his stuffed animal pals learn how to get the most out of the library.

    • 11.23.14

      Envoy #2: Blowing Up Robot Sentries

      Sparta and her animal companion Grak are raiding weapons silos in a future wasteland.

    • 11.16.14

      Tommy Peepers

      When you peep into a neighbor's window, the neighbor's window also peeps into you.

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    • 11.9.14


      When a neighbor boy waves his penis at you in a rude way, the only reasonable response is to become a superhero vigilante and ram into him.

    • 11.2.14

      Real Deal Presents: G.C. by Raw Dog

      The most dangerous man in comics, and the genius behind Real Deal Magazine, is now doing comics for VICE. If you love tales of crime, violence, bad guys winning, and people getting sprayed in the face with oven cleaner, then look no further.

    • 10.20.14


      The future is a terrible place where robots are surviving by slurping on human remains.

    • 10.5.14

      I Fly So Low

      In Valentine Gallardo's modern comics, frightening nightmare parties, beauty and fear swirl around in a big snow globe of great drawings.

    • 9.22.14


      Larry Bear skips school and has a perfect day in this comic by award-winning comic book genius Leslie Stein.

    • 9.15.14


      In this weekend's Sunday Comic, a superhero accidentally crashes an open-mic night.