Super Mario 64


It's Cool to Play with Your Food in This Virtual Reality Game

New VR game 'Playthings' makes players use snacks as instruments.
Mike Steyels
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‘Super Mario 64’ Still Matters, Even 20 Years Since Its Release

The palpable passion and eternal quality of the classic platformer deserves to remain a source of inspiration and aspiration for developers for many years to come.
Andy McDonald
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Critic Confession Time: These Are the Classic Games We’ve Never Played

Nobody has the time to play every game in the world, you maniac, so these misses are understandable. Right?
Mike Diver
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‘Super Mario Bros.’ Taught Me to Be the Best, and More Lessons from the Mushroom Kingdom

Nintendo's famous plumber, celebrating his 30th anniversary, is a fairly good icon to follow in terms of improving your life.
Brad Barrett
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The 21 Video Games of VICE’s Lifetime That You Really Should Have Played

A great bunch of games, really. You probably like a lot of them, too.
Mike Diver
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Forget ‘Mario 64’, ‘Banjo-Kazooie' Is the 3D Platformer That Mattered Most

I'll see your plumbers and princesses, and raise you a bear and a bird.
Jonathan Beach
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How I Became ‘The Watcher’ Among My Video Game-Loving Friends

Love video games but you're utterly shit at them? Fret not, for you, too, can become a watcher.
Josh Baines

The Original Creators: Shigeru Miyamoto

<p>We take a look at some iconic artists from numerous disciplines who have left an enduring and indelible mark on today&#8217;s creators.</p>
Kevin Holmes