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The 17 Best Video Games to Play High

Don't bother playing anything stoned if it's not on this list.
Beckett Mufson
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The New ‘Smash Bros.’ Will Feature Every Single Smash Fighter Ever

The best party game ever just got better.
Beckett Mufson

Smashing It, Small Time: Inside a Local Competitive Video Gaming Scene

Smash Down South is one of many <i>Super Smash Bros. Melee</i> communities keeping a 15-year-old game alive. We went to check it out.
Henry Stenhouse

EVO, The World's Biggest Fighting Game Competition, Is Grassroots Esports At Its Best

This weekend, the best fighting game players in the world will descend on Las Vegas. It's not as corporate as you'd expect.
Luke Winkie

Why ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ Is the Game to Watch at Evo 2016

Even 15 years after its release, fighting games don't come better than this Nintendo GameCube classic.
Robby Gee
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The VICE Gaming Guide to Video Game Drinking Games

Turn on, sign in, get pissed. You know it makes sense, at least before the morning after.
Sean Cleaver
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Today’s Nintendo Direct Revealed an Official Female Link and ‘Final Fantasy VII’ in Super Smash Bros.

Highlights from 45 minutes of Lovely Shiny New Game announcements for your Nintendo systems.
Mike Diver
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The Best-Selling Game of 2015 So Far Is a Bloody Surprise

It's 'Mortal Kombat X' – who saw that coming?
Mike Diver
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A Beginner’s Guide to EVO, the World’s Biggest Fighting Games Event

Here's what the fighting hardcore and newcomers alike should look out for in each of EVO 2015's tournaments.
Andi Hamilton
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If These Truly are the Final Days of the Wii U, Let It Go with a Bang

After a somewhat disappointing E3 showing, Nintendo's Wii U might be heading for the scrapheap. But it's not about to go out quietly.
Sean Thomas
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How to Avoid Being Shit at ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’

The critically acclaimed Will game is about to find a fresh audience on the New 3DS – and here's how to play it like a pro.
Sean Thomas
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Toasting the “Nearly Men” Behind Modern Video Gaming’s Greatest Hits

Some of today's hit games, and gaming genres, aren't the innovators you think they are. Others came before, others that shouldn't be forgotten.
Ian Dransfield