Meet the Superfans Spending Tens of Thousands on Escape Rooms

“I didn’t think I’d ever be into something so much as I am escape rooms. Now everyone knows me as 'Escape Room Girl.'"
Justin Caffier

A Deep Dive Into the Voyeuristic World of ‘Big Brother’ Superfans

The fandom is closer to that of a sports team than of a reality TV show.
Audrey Carleton
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What It's Like to Be a Diehard Fan of The Rasmus After All These Years

We spoke to some hardcore devotees of the Finnish rock band to find out what exactly fuels their love.
Daisy Jones
festivals 2016

We Asked Saves the Day Superfans About Their Favorite Albums

Tattoos and trips to Jamba Juice with Chris Conley on the 15th anniversary of 'Stay What You Are.'
Artemis Thomas-Hansard

On the Other Side of This Door, Axl Rose Is Practicing with AC/DC

Dare we allow ourselves some cautious optimism about the upcoming Axl DC tour?
Noisey Staff
Who Actually Listens To...

Who the Hell Actually Listens to Muse?

I went to meet the legions of Supermassive Musers to find out why the melodramatic Devon prog-rockers seem to have become Britain's perennial headliner.
Daisy Jones

What It Feels Like to Have an Army of Sci-Fi Super Fans

In conversation with sci-fi royalty, <i>Stargate Atlantis</i> star Paul McGillion.
Thomas Hobbs
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Meet Ladybaby, Japan's Kawaiicore (and Pro-Wrestling) Answer to Andrew WK

Fans lined up at 6 AM to see the teens and their bearded, cross-dressing frontman play their first LA gig.
Liz Ohanesian
a rose by any other name

Fan Changes His Name to 'Man United Dick'

Ladies, form an orderly queue: he tells us he's single.
David Whelan
Festivals 2015

Meet the Guy Who Claims to Be the Saddest Morrissey Fan at FYF

He's got a prayer candle, a bouquet of roses, and a vest custom-made by his mum.
Eve Barlow
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Taylor Swift is Handing Out Fat Cheques to Superfans to Pay for Their Student Loans

Have your debts become unmanageable? Try contacting your nearest pop star.
Joe Zadeh
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How The Hell Are Slipknot So Successful?

A group of guys whose personal brand includes severed goat heads, pentagrams and a 666 sign on fire are on the verge of their second number one album.
Emma Garland