Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

This Guy’s Cover of ‘Superstition’ Somehow Manifested Actual Stevie Wonder

And then they sang together. If you wish hard enough, Stevie will appear.
Lauren O'Neill
VICE Sport

A Brief History of the Number 13 in Sport

A fear of the number 13 is not uncommon in sport, yet there are some bold individuals who have actively embraced the number, carrying it into battle like a badge of honour. Here, we meet the brave souls who have stuck two fingers up at fate.
Jim Weeks

I Started Wearing a Fedora to See if it Would Ruin My Life

It did. Almost instantly.
David Allegretti

Some Indonesians Are Shackling and Imprisoning the Mentally Ill in Sheds

Because mental illness is often thought to be a result of spirit possession in Indonesia, an estimated 18,000 individuals are detained in sheds and backyards for years by their own families.
Stanley Widianto
Girl Writer

My Belief in the Evil Eye is Feeding My Anxiety

Growing up with a superstitious mom contributed to my chronic anxiety and the belief that everyone around me has a secret desire to see me fail.
Alison Stevenson

The Tragedy of Witch Hunts in Rural Cambodia

The sad, but not uncommon, tale of an elderly healer who was murdered with an axe.
George Wright and Ben Sokhean
Internet Exploring

This Video of Stevie Wonder Singing Stevie Wonder Songs in a Car Will Help You Find Joy Today

He also riffs on an English accent and it sounds like your dealer doing a Monty Python impression.
Joe Zadeh
VICE vs Video games

Is the ‘Madden Curse’ the Real Deal, Or Just Amazing Bad Luck?

We spoke to NFL analyst Michael Carlson about the risks players take by appearing on the game's artwork.
Sean Cleaver

The Women of Peru’s Illegal Gold Mines

Peruvian photographer Omar Lucas travelled to the town of La Rinconada to spend time with women who spend 11 hours a day panning for gold.
Omar Lucas

The Wimbledon Hairdresser

Suzanne Strong has been trimming, shaping and styling the thatches of Wimbledon’s leading stars since 1982, from Chris Evert to Roger Federer.
David Cox

Adopting Potential Werewolves Is Routine Business for Argentine Presidents

While a werewolf Bar Mitzvah might be a joke on 30 Rock, it's also apparently a real thing that just happened in South America.
Allie Conti

Does Thailand Secretly Think Its Dictator Is an Idiot?

Here's some of the dumb stuff he's said since taking power.
Brendon Hong