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Mezze and Moussaka: The MUNCHIES Supper Club in Manchester

All the delicious things we ate at our Middle Eastern-inspired dinner with Old Blue Last Beer and The Ottö-Men this week.
Kamila Rymajdo

Meet the Woman Bringing Yemeni Food to the London Brunch Scene

“People from the outside either know nothing about the country or they only focus on the negatives, so food is a way to change this perception.”
Sahar Esfandiari

Vegan Jerk Ribs and Callaloo Dumplings: The MUNCHIES Supper Club with Dee’s Table

What went down at our vegan Jamaican feast with Denai Moore and Old Blue Last Beer.
Munchies Staff

MUNCHIES and Dee’s Table Are Hosting a Supper Club and You're Invited

Join us for a three-course vegan Jamaican feast at Emily’s Bar in East London, presented with Old Blue Last Beer.
Munchies Staff

This Pop-Up Proves That Chinese Takeaways Don't Need Meat to Be Delicious

Forget luminous sweet-and-sour chicken and bland chow mein, Phung Kay Vegan is revolutionising British Chinese food.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Caribbean food

Starting a Caribbean Restaurant with My Parents Turned Out to Be the Best Idea

"They’re continually really supportive of everything I do and have so much faith in it that I wouldn’t want to do it without them now."
Marie Mitchell

Why Turkish Food Is So Much More Than Kebabs and Baklava

London-based chef and researcher Irem Aksu wants to champion the hidden Greek, Armenian, and Kurdish food cultures of Istanbul.
Irem Aksu

Zoe Adjonyoh Wants You to Step Inside Her Ghana Kitchen

We talk to the London chef about her new cookbook, which showcases the West African-inspired dishes from her wildly popular Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen supper club and pop-up restaurant.
Eleanor Langdale
Chinese food

Meet the Woman Who Is Redefining Modern Sichuanese Cuisine

What's wrong with mapo ragu? At Jenny Gao's pop-up supper club Fly by Jing, Sichuan tradition blends with influences from all over China and the globe.
Clarissa Wei
Iraqi cuisine

This Supper Club Might Change Your Mind About Iraq

“Culture, art, music, history, heritage—that’s not at the forefront of people’s mind when we hear the word ‘Iraq.’”
James Rippingale

This Chef Tried to Recreate the Outrageous Dinner from 'Babette’s Feast'

Set in 19th century Denmark, Babette’s Feast centres on an extravagant village feast of turtle soup, quail, cheese, and wine. Chef Oliver Rowe took on the challenge of cooking it in 2016 London.
Johanna Derry

How I Brought a Taste of San Francisco to an East End Pub

At a special dinner at The Marksman pub in Hackney, I cooked chicory salad, slow-cooked oxtail, and espresso granita inspired by San Francisco’s Zuni Café.
Claire Ptak