Watch Our Documentary About Swansea's Teenage Heroin Addicts

An award-winning look at a generation lost to heroin, as told through the tragic love story of Amy and Cornelius.
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it's just not rugby aled

A Brief Introduction to the Welshmen Who Played Major League Baseball

Wales is by no means a hotbed of baseball talent, but go far enough back in the sport's history and you'll find a trio of Welshmen who played in the major leagues. All three men have uniquely interesting stories, too.
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Questions For the Bloke Caught on Camera Stealing a Mirror From a Nightclub in Swansea

One nightclub photographer caught a bizarre crime underway in the middle of a party.
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Christmas #Content

Rating Every Premier League Club’s Festive Merchandise In Order Of Christmassiness

With the commemoration of the birth of Our Lord coming up, we have decided to get to the bottom of what Christmas is all about – football clubs selling obscene amounts of merch.
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alan sugar says: you're fired!

Pards, Bilic, Bibbledy Bob: Previewing The Premier League Sack Race

In the final Premier League Preview of the week, we take an educated guess at which manager will be next for the chop.
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shut your noise you f*cking old c*nts

School of Pard Knocks: Reviewing Swansea vs. Crystal Palace

In the first part of our Premier League Review, we look back on an absolutely mental game at the Liberty Stadium, and what it might mean for the man, the legend, Alan Pardew.
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spilling pot noodle over the annual sales report

High Times For Middle Management: Reviewing The Premier League Relegation Battle

In the penultimate portion of our Premier League Review, we sing the praises of the sad, washed-up middle management types in charge of Sunderland, Swansea and Hull.
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jose mourinho's footballing hunger games

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Reviewing Swansea vs. Manchester United

In the next part of our Premier League Review, we explore the possibility that Manchester United are better off when Jose Mourinho watches from the stands.
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granit xhaka on the naughty step

In Defence of the Dastardly Art of the ‘Dark Yellow’: Reviewing Arsenal vs. Swansea

In the first instalment of this week’s Premier League Review, we express a grudging admiration for the sort of tackle that saw Granit Xhaka sent off on Saturday.
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no but seriously we call it 'football' here

Bibbledy Bob Bradley, Not A Real Clown: Previewing Arsenal vs. Swansea

In our second Premier League Preview of the week, we talk Bob Bradley, anti-American prejudice and the clown craze that is currently sweeping Britain. Trust us, it works.
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Eritrean Refugee Says Life Is Worse in Swansea

Fair enough.
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francesco guidolin is shit at powerpoint

The Tragical Tale Of Francesco Guidolin: Previewing Swansea vs. Liverpool

In the first of our Premier League Previews for the week, we bewail the melancholy fate of Francesco Guidolin, who should probably have never got this far in the first place.
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