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The Guide to Getting Into Pet Shop Boys

One part fist-pumping synth-pop, another part celestial balladry – here's everything you need to know about Britain's most enduring duo. 
Sean O’Neill
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Kitty Levels Up What Synth Pop Can Mean on 'ROSE GOLD'

The prolific musician and producer's new full length release is personal, accomplished, and a seemingly total realisation of her vision.
Lauren O'Neill
Here's the Deal With...

Glasgow, Goth-Pop and Romance: Meet The Ninth Wave

We're premiering a new video from the duo, “Used To Be Yours”. Here's everything you need to know about them.
Daisy Jones

Dev Hynes Has Slowly Built an Extraordinary Canon

‘Negro Swan,’ out today, marks another step in a musical universe that the singer and producer has been forming for years.
Daisy Jones
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CHVRCHES Leave the Synths at Home for a Stark Cover of Rihanna's "Stay"

The trio's 'Spotify Singles' mini-EP also includes an acoustic version of "Get Out," the lead single from their new album 'Love Is Dead.'
Alex Robert Ross

Grapetooth Dole Out New Wave Bliss on "Violent"

Introduce yourself to the bonkers Chicago collaboration between Twin Peaks’ Clay Frankel and producer Chris Bailoni, via their new single, "Violent."
Josh Terry

The Return of Twin Shadow

After a tour bus accident nearly derailed George Lewis, Jr.'s career and changed the way he played guitar, the 35-year-old is back with his new album 'Caer.'
Andrea Domanick

Gary Numan Wants to Declare War on Nostalgia

"All these comeback tours we're seeing from has-been 80s and 90s artists—it's ridiculous. It makes me want to take out a bazooka and destroy it all. I'll fight this until I'm 100 if I have to."
Albert Potiron

John Maus at the End of the World

The Minnesota songwriter reemerges from a six-year absence to a world that looks entirely different. But has he changed along with it?
Colin Joyce

Hitting a Low to Come Up Fearless: Allison Crutchfield’s Next Chapter

From the rubble of Philly band Swearin' – and the biggest heartbreak of her life – the 28-year-old singer returns with her most honest work to date.
Ilana Kaplan

Austra Wants Listeners to Shake Off Apathy and Build a More Utopian World

Katie Stelmanis on the books, beats, and cities that inspired her synth-pop project's third LP 'Future Politics.'
Denise Benson

This Singer Inserts Himself Into Iconic Album Covers For His New Music Video

Moon Bounce, a.k.a. Corey Regensburg recreates music’s most outrageous album art in his new ‘Drugs’ music video.
Nathaniel Ainley