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The Stuff I Regret Giving to My Ex

Books, cats, herpes... stop giving shit to people! Keep it for yourself!
Daisy Jones
Internet Exploring

Justin Bieber Claims to Have Made Marilyn Manson Relevant, Manson Calls Him a "Piece of Shit"

The war of the T-shirts has reached its breaking point.
Phil Witmer

A Chat with the Guy Behind Your New Favourite T-Shirt Brand

Homage Tees are responsible for those T-shirts emblazoned with the faces of British icons like Louis Theroux, Princess Di and David Attenborough.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

Kanye West vs. Donald Trump: Who Has the Best Merchandise?

Kanye West, Donald Trump: both giants in the world of merchandising. But who is the most giant? Who is the giantest?
Joel Golby
we saw this

We Asked Drake Fans at 'Views From The 6' Pop-Up in "The 6" Why They Love Drake and Their Answers Sucked

Drake fans don't know the difference between a coincidence and irony. Go figure.

Kilo Kish Interviews the Founder of DEERDANA

Editor at large Kilo Kish sits down with hand-drawn T-shirt maestro Dana Veraldi.
Kilo Kish
Style Stage

You'll Probably Want Ted's Draws New T-shirts Featuring Kate Bush, Lauryn Hill, and Diddy

Buy one, buy two, buy for your bestie. These will sell out and then you'll be bummed.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Festival Season!

What the "Eat Sleep Rape Repeat" Shirt at Coachella Says About Rape Culture at Music Festivals

There's a reason why that guy felt comfortable wearing that odious shirt to a festival. Let's change that.
Michelle Lhooq
club culture

You Don’t Really Love Dance Music Unless You Own a T Shirt With an EDM Slogan On It

Keep Calm and Rave On.
Angus Harrison

Christmas Gifts for the Dance Lover in your Life

We've chosen six t-shirts sure to solve your Christmas list conundrums
Josh Baines

Mr WizHard Wants to Change How the World Looks at Dicks

Designer Davide Bazzerla hopes his T-shirts will help people appreciate the erect penis as a "symbol of energy, beauty and free-expression".
Jamie Clifton
Pitchfork Festival 2014

Do Pitchfork Music Festival Attendees Know the Pitchfork Scores of Their Favorite Bands?

We wanted to know if these fans would ride or die with the decimal points above the records of their favorite bands.
Andrew Winistorfer