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Which Band Reunion Would Make Glastonbury 2018 Actually Happen?

Michael Eavis says next year's planned year off could be reversed if "one band" deign to reform.
Lauren O'Neill

Robbie Williams: The Great British Pop Star Who Will Never Go Away

He has been on 'Eastenders'. He has a road and tourist trail named after him in Stoke-on-Trent. He, quite simply, just won't leave.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey News

Robbie Williams Thinks Jimmy Page is Spying On His House

Williams says the Led Zeppelin founder has "been sitting in his car outside our house, four hours at a time."
Lauren O'Neill
This Actually Happened

Reflecting on When Take That Performed a Live Cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Topless

Maybe we were all wrong. Maybe the greatest frontman of the 90s wasn't Kurt Cobain or Eddie Vedder - but Gary Barlow.
Emma Garland

Meet the Director Who Made the Green Party's Spoof Boy Band Video

He made Farage, Cameron, Miliband and Clegg look like a shit Westlife. But, why?
Lucas Fothergill

Remembering Holy Moly – by the Man Who Started It

The celebrity gossip site Holy Moly closed yesterday, after 13 years faithful service. Jamie East, its founder, reminisces on a pre-libel law internet, nearly losing his house and thumb fighting with Alex Reid.
Jamie East
VICE vs Video games

Television Needs Video Games, or Television Will Die

Years of rejection shows how ignorant TV commissioners are when it comes to the medium's future, and their own careers.
Julia Hardy
worstest hits

These Are the Worst Ever Performances from Radio 1's Live Lounge

Depraved car crash entertainment in its most Ballardian form.
Joe Zadeh

Why Are All The World Cup Songs So Shit?

World Cup songs were never high-art national psalms, but they did give you something to believe in.

Where Does Gary Barlow's Tax Avoidance Rank in a List of Other Heinous Things He's Done?

Probably somewhere in the upper-quartile but just to be sure, here's a list of everything that makes him a shit.
sam wolfson