I Tried THC Juul Pods to See What the Hype Was About

Juul doesn't make official THC pods, but they're not exactly hard to get.
Justin Caffier

This Teen Translated a Bible Verse Into DNA and Injected It Into Himself

Will bioengineering become the hot new teen trend?
Daniel Oberhaus

How the Indie Kids of 2018 Found Solace in Bedroom Pop

From Clairo to Yellow Days, young acts are winning young fans with their frank discussions of heartbreak and mental health.
Douglas Greenwood

Consenting Teenagers in Australia are Now Legally Allowed to Share Nudes

New laws aim to prevent sexting teenagers from being charged with possession of child porn.
Gavin Butler
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I Got Rat Boy’s Teenage Fans to Give Me Style Tips

"I don’t know why your jumper is so fluffy. I’m not into it."
Niloufar Haidari
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Kids Don’t Know How CDs Work – Is That a Bad Thing?

"Maybe its just the generation Z in me but how did people burn CDs?" asks a 17-year-old. "Like how did you just get a blank CD and put songs on it?"
Ryan Bassil
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Cheerleader Busted for Allegedly Using Weed Brownies to Win Homecoming Votes

River Donaghey
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Police Bust Three Teens and a Mum for String of Celeb Burglaries

They allegedly stole millions of dollars worth of cash and jewellery from celebrities like Rihanna, and were apparently planning to hit LeBron James and Matt Damon next.
Drew Schwartz
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A Teen Survived at Sea for 49 Days in This Rickety, Floating Hut

Miraculously, ten ships passed by without seeing him before one finally came to the rescue.
Drew Schwartz
Freshers Week

Here’s Every Outfit You’re Going to See This Fresher’s Week

Vintage manboy, Depop girl, and that trance DJ whose room you end up in at 3AM, wishing desperately for home.
Iona Erskine

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Self harm among teens and young adults trebled post-social media.
VICE Staff
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Juul Allegedly Knew Teens Were Using Its Products Since 2015

The allegation has been the basis of lawsuits, probes, and crackdowns – now a former company employee says it's true.
Allie Conti