Tory MP Tries to Make Pro-Brexit Argument Using Fruit, Fails

Another day, another tweet showing we all know nothing about Brexit.


Waitrose Comes Under Fire for Bougie ‘Student Essentials’ List

“Mama, to the condiments aisle!”


64-Year-Old Man Asked to Leave Supermarket for Wearing Flat Cap

The man, who walks with a stick, reportedly told security “where to stick it.”


Clifford Jago Creates Fashion Trends for an Alternate Universe

Give this guy some Tesco bags, aluminium ducting hose and a pair of fluorescent leg warmers, and he'll give you a dreamscape.


The Problems with the UK's New 'Big Vegan' Industry

Major brands are finally trying to bring veganism to the masses, but they're doing it all wrong.


Gold-Flecked Avocados Are Coming to Your Supermarket

“It’s not the kind of avocado you will want to mash up and turn into guacamole, but rather show off as a special treat at a dinner party.”


Boots Are Refusing to Make Their Morning After Pill Cheaper

Instead of following Superdrug and Tesco's lead, the company says it doesn't want to annoy people who disagree with emergency contraception.


Don’t Worry, Even Rafael Nadal Struggles with Supermarket Self-Checkouts

The tennis pro was spotted in a Wimbledon village Tesco Express having trouble scanning a six-pack of Diet Coke.


Britain Throws a Terrifying Amount of Salad Away Each Year

New figures from waste advisory body WRAP reveal that 40 percent of the bagged salad bought in the UK every year ends up being chucked.


How Korean Seaweed Got Turned into a Health Food

For decades, Korean laver (seaweed) was barely eaten outside of the Korean community. Today, itsu, Waitrose, and countless organic retailers sell Westernised versions of the stuff, promoting it as a low-calorie snack.


I Wore My Pyjamas Into Increasingly Nice Supermarkets to See Who Cared

Tesco has just given its staff the right to eject customers wearing pyjamas, so I thought I'd put some other places to the test.