The 80s


I Was a Cocaine Kingpin's Ride-or-Die

"When he came home, I would wake up and help him count the money."
Erika “Reika” Carter
Remembering Things

20 Years Ago, ‘The Wedding Singer’ Forced 80s Nostalgia Down Our Throats

The 1998 Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore rom-com kicked off the wave of retro culture fetishisation that was to follow.
Dan Ozzi

Explore 40 Transgressive Years of Goth Men's Fashion

This dramatic new video is brought to you by the same team of Canadian goths who launched the viral women's version last year
Kim Kelly

Why the Fuck Is Crocodile Dundee Still Australia's Highest-Grossing Film?

Given it’s the 30th anniversary of what remains Australia’s biggest ever box office hit ever, I took a look at it with fresh eyes.
Lee Zachariah

An Interview with Paul Simon, One of the Last Burning Stars in the Pre-Internet Galaxy

Paul Simon was taking about cultural appropriation before the Internet was even born, but what does the seasoned songwriter think about modern pop in today's hyper-connected world?
Tshepo Mokoena

Fuck School, David Bowie Taught Me Everything I Needed to Know About Identity, Acceptance, and Art

He didn't just scratch the surface; he excavated it, renovated it, and tore it down, just so he could start all over again.
Longreads Or Whatever

Just Because Bands Aren't Singing For Miliband, Doesn't Mean The Protest Song Is Over

The world has moved on since 1987, and so too has music.
Josh Hall

This Guy Filmed Himself Sneaking onto the Red Carpet at the 1988 Academy Awards

David Teitelbaum earned a spot on the <i>Tonight Show</i> for walking past a guard and sticking a microphone in Nic Cage's face.
Mike Pearl
Sothern Exposure

​Workplace Hijinks in 1980s Times Square

Working the graveyard shift at a photo studio in Times Square leads to some bizarre happenings.
Scot Sothern

Getting to the Bottom of Kim Kardashian's Alien Appeal

Her <i>Paper</i> cover shows that people still don't know what to do with their feelings about her.
Eleanor Morgan