The Brit Awards


All the Awards Show Tropes from Last Night's BRITs

Vague politics, weird presenting duos, and, inevitably, Sheeran. Last night felt a bit like Awards Show 101.


We Asked the Teens of 2018 if They Know What the BRIT Awards Are

“I don't watch anything; I use social media.” :)


Dear Ivor Novellos: You Can't Celebrate Diversity in Music Without Tackling Race

Last week the songwriting award nominations were heralded for including artists like Laura Mvula and Michael Kiwanuka – but it's not that simple


X Factor Rejects and Free Fanta: What It’s Actually Like to Go to the Brits

Behold the ham sandwiches, nosebleed seats and red carpet jostling of this year's awards.


Let’s Revisit That Time Geri’s Giant Inflatable Crotch Was at the Brits

Artist Robin Harries takes us behind the scenes of that TV moment from 2000 – and looks back at designing a George W Bush effigy getting a blowjob from a dog.


Here’s What Happens When You Twitter-Shame the Brit Awards

What it takes to go from #BritsSoWhite in 2016 to the #WokeBrits a year later.


Does Anyone in the Real World Give a Shit About Music Award Shows?

I hit the streets of London to see if the general public care about seeing Ant and Dec present Adele with inanimate objects while people in tuxedos clap.


The Brit Awards Can Suck It, Skepta's Been Nominated for an Ivor Novello

While the Brit Awards only officially recognises Coldplay, the Ivor Novello recognises all songwriting and composing talents from around the world.


The Brits Start Down Path to Addressing Diversity Issues With Survey of Voting Academy

Members of the BRITs Voting Academy received a survey asking questions that would help them understand its "diversity and make up".


Justin Bieber (and a Man in a Hat) Turned the Brit Awards Into a Temporary Cook Out Last Night

A performance replete with fire, questionable beach wear, and the obligatory dude with an acoustic guitar (James Bay).


What I Learned Growing Up as a Very Serious Fan of The Darkness

“The song, ‘I Believe In a Thing Called Love’ has changed my life. I am now a full on rocker!” read my diary on 20th September, 2003.


The Brit Awards Are Broken, How Do We Fix Them?

You can count the number of black British artists on one hand, and is there really such a shortage of talented British women that we have to nominate Amy Winehouse again?