The Cult

  • The Cult: Roger Federer

    Our society has lost all perspective when it comes to the importance we place on athletes. But with Roger Federer and his godlike tennis, perhaps we're not far off.

  • The Cult: Tim Henman

    Henman was an inherently British hero, the awkward letdown who we loved regardless. The crowds still shout his name at Wimbledon, it’s definitely still funny, and that makes him worthy of The Cult.

  • The Cult: Nobby Solano

    Almost two decades after he first arrived in England, Nobby Solano remains beloved of Newcastle fans and trumpet aficionados everywhere.

  • The Cult: John Terry

    It’s hard to think of many footballers who are loved by so few and loathed by so many, but John Terry thoroughly deserves his supporters and his detractors. Adore or abhor him, Terry is unquestionably Cult.

  • The Cult: El Hadji Diouf

    One of the most widely disliked players of his generation, El Hadji Diouf was as much a source of morbid fascination as he was one of football’s ultimate figures of hate.

  • The Cult: Andrey Arshavin

    Andrey Arshavin was on another plane of thought to his teammates, but lost the ability to express his genius. How exactly that happened, nobody seems to know.

  • The Cult: One-Club Man Ledley King

    This week's inductee put himself through immense physical strain to pull on a Spurs shirt each weekend – and the White Hart Lane faithful loved him all the more for it.

  • Le Cult: Eric Cantona

    Eric Cantona was the Premier League's first genuine superstar, a man who helped to build Alex Ferguson's Manchester United empire. Few had the ability to match King Eric on the pitch; fewer still possess the courage to walk away as he did.

  • The Cult: Wayne Rooney

    It's time to say goodbye to one of the most gifted players England has ever produced. Even if he does look a bit shit sometimes.

  • The Cult: Red Rum

    Saddle up, motherfuckers, because this week’s inductee to The Cult is an actual horse.

  • The Cult: Pavel Nedved

    Having made his breakout at Euro 96, Pavel Nedved’s blond mop became an iconic feature of Serie A. He was fiercely loyal to Juventus and his own intense brand of football, and for that we induct him into The Cult.

  • The Cult: Fernando Alonso

    Ahead of the new F1 season, we're inducting a modern grand prix great into The Cult. With his career nearing its conclusion, Fernando Alonso's haul of two world titles feels like scant reward for a man of such extensive talents.