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The Cult: Fernando Alonso

Ahead of the new F1 season, we're inducting a modern grand prix great into The Cult. With his career nearing its conclusion, Fernando Alonso's haul of two world titles feels like scant reward for a man of such extensive talents.
Jim Weeks
Gone Fishing

The Cult: Casey Stoner

Despite winning two MotoGP titles and 38 grands prix, Casey Stoner never truly received the praise he deserved during his career. In retirement, however, the Australian rider's legend status – not to mention his place in The Cult – is assured.
Jim Weeks
the qualified failure

The Cult – Jean Alesi

Jean Alesi was a Formula One driver for more than a decade, winning a grand prix and taking 32 podiums. Yet, by the high standards he set, this must be classed a failure.
Jim Weeks
The Cult

The Cult: David Purley

There are plenty of factors you could explore to figure out why David Purley did what he did that day at Zandvoort. Or maybe we can just call this one here, and say that Purley was a hero.
Jim Weeks
the second chance

The Cult: Robert Kubica

Though his much-hyped F1 career was cut short by a rally accident, Robert Kubica can still count his blessings. After all, not everyone gets a second chance.
Jim Weeks
the ghost

The Cult: Didier Pironi

Didier Pironi's lasting place in F1 history is as chief villain in the Gilles Villeneuve story. Without his former friend and teammate, Didier is a ghost.
Jim Weeks
the danger

The Cult – Juan Pablo Montoya

It sometimes feels like Formula One is lacking in dangerous characters. Not everyone liked him, but it's inescapable that the sport misses Juan Pablo Montoya.
Jim Weeks
don't give a shit

The Cult – Gerhard Berger

Gerhard Berger's carefree attitude and ability to turn it on behind the wheel on an F1 car made him one of the more successful drivers of a hugely competitive era.
Jim Weeks
Old School

The Cult – Guy Martin

Guy Martin is an analogue daredevil in a beige digital world. He is the antithesis of modern sport.
Davey Brett
just a racing driver

The Cult: Simona de Silvestro

Simona de Silvestro is one of the toughest athletes going. Gender doesn't even come into it.
Jim Weeks