the euro 2016 review

reviewing the semi-finals

Ramsey, Ramsey, Wherefore Art Thou Ramsey: The Euro 2016 Review

The semi-finals of Euro 2016 are over, and only two teams remain. Here’s our penultimate review of the tournament, with a generous serving of Bale, Ronaldo and Griezmann.
Will Magee
cruyff turns and shite penalties

Penalties, Punishments and The Acton Cruyff: The Euro 2016 Review

With the semi-finalists of Euro 2016 now decided, it’s time to look back on the last round. We’ve seen harsh punishments, awful penalties and a moment of sheer genius.
Will Magee
achtung european championships!

​And German to My Horse: The Euro 2016 Review

With the Round of 16 now finished, it's time to take a look back at the first knockout games of Euro 2016. France are through, England are catastrophically out, and Germany look scarily good.
Will Magee
the euros are hotting up lads

Hungary Like The Wolf: The Euro 2016 Review

In our latest review of Euro 2016, we take a look at the last few games of the group stage, and say some nice stuff about Hungary, because they’ve earned it.
Will Magee
the euro 2016 review

Flares, Scares and the Cristiano Affair: The Euro 2016 Review

In our third Euro 2016 review, we discuss how the whole tournament is descending into a farce of nationalistic hatred, and revel in Cristiano Ronaldo’s nightmare against Austria.
Will Magee
westlife abba and gratuitous nudity

Craic To The Future: The Euro 2016 Review

With the first round of fixtures now complete, Euro 2016 is starting to take shape. In the past few days we’ve seen Italian steel, a jaded Zlatan and Irish fans enjoying the craic.
Will Magee
big hal is smashing the euros

A Sincere Apology To Hal Robson-Kanu: The Euro 2016 Review

With a weekend’s worth of action to talk about, here’s our take on Dimitri Payet’s screamer, Joachim Löw’s trouser incident and the prospect of a mid-tournament Brexit.
Will Magee