The Fiction Issue 2008

The Fiction Issue 2008

King of the Wild Frontier

New fiction by John Romano.
John Romano
The Fiction Issue 2008


On soft Santa Monica nights you can hear the ocean waves crashing from every room inside.
Thomas Gebremedhin
The Fiction Issue 2008

The Happi-Fork - New Fiction from the Author of 'Twenty Grand' and 'Other Tales of Love and Money'

New fiction from the author of 'Twenty Grand: And Other Tales of Love and Money'.
Rebecca Curtis
The Fiction Issue 2008

How Kohnstamm Got the Beach House - A Short Story by David Mamet

New fiction by David Mamet.
David Mamet
The Fiction Issue 2008

The Ransom of Samantha

A story from Merrill Markoe, who was the first head writer for The David Letterman Show.
Merrill Markoe
The Fiction Issue 2008

Celebrity Novels, Reviewed

There are a ton of embarrassing books with famous names attached to them.
VICE Staff
The Fiction Issue 2008

Fan Fiction

New fiction from Benjamin Nugent.
Benjamin Nugent
The Fiction Issue 2008

Employees of the Month

Our 2014 fiction issue features new work by David Mamet, Michel Gondry, James Franco and many others we love.
VICE Staff
The Fiction Issue 2008

An Excerpt from Michel Gondry's New Screenplay, 'L’écume des jours' ('Mood Indigo')

Here are the first three pages of the screenplay for Michel Gondry's newest film, which will be released in the US later this year as Mood Indigo.
Michel Gondry and Luc Bossi
The Fiction Issue 2008

Letter from the Chateau Marmont

The power of the place is so strong, you'll immediately feel like it's your home.
Amie Barrodale
The Fiction Issue 2008

Vladimir Nabokov’s Unpublished ‘Lolita’ Screenplay Notes

Ragged odds and ends.
Blake Bailey
The Fiction Issue 2008

An Interview with Robert McKee, the God of Story

His book 'Story' is the bible for screenwriters.
Alec Sokolow and Tony Camin