The Fiction Issue 2012

    • 7.19.12

      Dicey Decisions

      George Cockcroft is a psychiatrist who makes all of his life decisions with a roll of the dice.

    • 7.18.12

      Holy Unicorns!

      The word “unicorn” appears nine times in the Old Testament.

    • 7.17.12

      A Bird of Heat in Kino Bay

      Seeking out a legendary literary artefact that is so rare it may as well not be real.

    • 7.13.12

      The Room All to Itself

      One of James Purdy’s last unpublished manuscripts, a drama as uncompromising and brutal as his fiction.

    • 7.12.12

      Literary Titans Are Super Freaks

      I have rounded up the dirtiest exploits of the most revered authors in the Western canon.

    • 7.9.12

      Good Books, Good Looks

      Pictures of pretty girls reading important books.

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    • 7.9.12

      Hunger Pangs on Paper

      Everyone knows (especially your dad) that if you aspire to be a writer, you’re going to go through life hungry.

    • 7.6.12

      I’ll Give You Some Threats

      I texted some pretty mean shit from someone else’s phone to author Amelia Gray and she punched me in the face.

    • 7.5.12

      My Father at the End

      I did not talk to my father for most of the last year he was alive. It was a form of self-preservation.

    • 7.4.12

      Readers Digesting

      We at VICE Australia love books – and lots and lots of cake – so we decided to make a book cake of our own as a test run for next year’s contest.

    • 7.4.12

      Three Kinds of People on the Crosstown Bus

      One shouldn’t associate with these people, and one most often doesn’t.

    • 7.3.12

      Genius In Exile

      Much of his work felt like a punch to the face, dividing critics and shocking the public.