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    • 4.20.17

      Calling Mr. Vain: In Search of the Ultimate Spice Boy

      In the mid to late nineties, English football was awash with new money, and the ‘Spice Boys’ stereotype was born. Here, we go in search of the Liverpool star who most epitomised this phenomenon.

    • 4.10.17

      Robert ​Prosinecki and the Improbable Portsmouth Years

      Robert Prosinečki was so talented that the Championship was simply child's play to him. It is a wonder how this mercurial, overweight, cigarette-puffing 32-year-old even wound up on the south coast – but Fratton Park was a richer place for it.

    • 3.6.17

      Football on Iceland's Volcanic Island of Heimaey

      The island town of Heimaey is home to Icelandic top-tier side IBV Vestmannaeyjar, a club that feels a world away from the bright lights of England's Premier League. It's this sense of seclusion that lends the team its unique charm.

    • 2.24.17

      Ali Al-Habsi: The Desert Fireman

      The first footballer of Gulf Arab origin to play in the Premier League, Ali Al-Habsi is an icon to many. Against all odds, the former fireman has made a legacy for himself on English shores.

    • 2.15.17

      How Liverpool Reject Gabriel Paletta Became AC Milan's Working-Class Hero

      Though he never fulfilled his potential at Liverpool, Gabriel Paletta has made a fine career for himself elsewhere. Amongst his fellow Italo-Argentinos, he is a symbol of working-class perseverance.

    • 2.1.17

      ​The Myth and Magic of Jose Leandro Andrade

      At times, the story of Jose Leandro Andrade sounds semi-fictional – and aspects of it probably are. But, rather than diminish his incredible legacy, this uncertainty strengthens the intrigue surrounding one of football's first truly global icons.

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