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The Onion’s Brutal Israel Commentary Goes Beyond Satire

The country's leading humour publication has taken a stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict in a way that most "real" newspapers haven't.


The Onion Are Ghettotech Experts, Apparently

They recently published an article from the perspective of an old man complaining about teens and their newfangled beats.


The Founder of the 'Onion' Predicts Trump Will Win and Change Almost Nothing

Scott Dikkers's new book, 'Trump's America: The Complete Loser's Guide' is looking more and more like a necessity.


We Spoke to the People Who Run ClickHole – What Happened Next Will Shock You!

They said what?! Find out what the people behind ClickHole have to say.


Jack Warner Decries U.S. Hypocrisy and Points to 'The Onion' Article as Proof

Jack Warner defends himself against U.S. Justice Department charges of corruption by pointing to an article from 'The Onion' as an example of American hypocrisy.


In Defence of Offence

A former Onion editor on why it's vitally important to defend satire, even when we don't like it.


'Satire' Is the Dumbest, Most Ridiculous New Website On the Internet

It's racist and treats its audience with contempt.


Interviewing the Editor of the Middle Eastern Version of The Onion

The Pan-Arabia Enquirer does satire in a region that isn't good at laughing at itself.


Speaking with the Syrian Electronic Army about Hacking The Onion's Twitter Account

We caught up with them in the wake of their hack on The Onion's Twitter account.


How Many Ways Did the Oscars Offend Everyone?

A list of everything that people got mad at during the Oscars.


Some Stupid People Think the CIA Runs Facebook

They don't understand that the Onion isn't real.


I'm Psychic... with Carol Kolb

I had a can of champagne to try to loosen up, because during my last reading I got in a little trouble.